3rd Gen Modular Furniture by Jason Lloyd Fletcher

3rd Gen Furniture by Jason Lloyd Fletcher – upcycleDZINE
The Third Generation Furniture project is a project by industrial designer Jason Lloyd Fletcher. He has been featured on upcycleDZINE before with his design called ‘Genevieve‘. With Genevieve he promotes the reuse of items that can alternatively find value elsewhere and of course saves items from going to waste. And with Third Generation Furniture project he takes it a step further.

Functionally modular furniture

This project is an attempt to use the industrial process of modularisation to convert waste material and devalued objects into functional components for reuse. Typically, product modularisation is based on functional, manufacturing, transportation or installation aspects together with the project management process. Modularisation enables standardisation and variety demanded by customers in combination with an efficient way of producing products.
The Third Generation Furniture project seeks to contribute to the ongoing dialogue about the re-use of consumer goods and cyclic consumption. Jason Lloyd Fletcher, an Industrial Designer who graduated from the MA programme at Central St Martins: “With this initiative my aim is intelligent re-use of materials, time and manufacturing methods to offer beautifully constructed and lasting products.”

3rd Gen Furniture by Jason Lloyd Fletcher – upcycleDZINE
Third Generation Furniture products are functionally modular with the use of a bar and groove system, that highlight the values in production. Each piece is designed or refurbished with standardized connective parts and sections allowing flexibility and variety in use and re-use over time.
Besides all this talk about modularisation the design should look good. And that is the case with these products from the Third generation Furniture project. They have a nostalgic look and character and they clearly show the colorful ‘joints’ which gives it a fresh accent and a nice twist.

Design by Jason Lloyd Fletcher


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