Bipolaire by Tat Chao

Bipolaire by Tat Chao – upcycleDZINE
In my opinion glass is one of the most difficult materials to use in a design. It shouldn’t be extravagant but minimal and subtile. Designer Tat Chao, based in Montreal | Canada, already made the ‘IN VITRO’ collection where he upcyles glassware that he found in second-hand shops an got through donations from friends and family. He glues the pieces together and transforms them into something else giving them a second life, like for instance a candleholder:

And now Tat Chao has added another design to his collection. It’s called ‘Bipolaire‘ and is made by cutting of the bases of two wine glasses and then gluing them face to face with an anodized aluminum ring, which wraps a strip of LED lights in the middle. The result is just mesmerizing. The Bipolaire looks like a little Zeppelin light or even a very small sea creature. The design is so elegant and minimal and it just floats in space. The bases that are cut off are turned into spinning tops. Absolutely nothing is wasted here!
Bipolaire by Tat Chao – upcycleDZINE
Tat Chao: “The IN VITRO Collection is a tribute to the beauty and the eclecticism of the glassware and crystalware industry. Each product is carefully handmade in Montreal. IN VITRO is the rebirth of the rejected, the out of style, the damaged.”

Design by Tat Chao
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