DIY: Old CDs transformed into CDegg pendant by Gilbert de Rooij

DIY: Old CDs transformed into CDegg pendant by Gilbert de Rooij – upcycleDZINE
CDs have been featured before on upcycleDZINE. NEW WAVE suspension by Veronique Lamarre and DATA by YEAYEA are two examples of what you could do with discarded CDs. When I saw these upcycle designs I immediately thought of my box of CDs with stuff on there that wasn’t going to be used anymore.
It’s incredible how time flies. I remember, yes here we go, that spending hours and hours listening to albums in the record store and recording songs for friends and for my walkman on an audio cassette tape. Then came the CD and eventually the DVD. And everybody thought that these silver and gold shining discs would last forever. But no, the digital age was just starting and the mp3 made its appearance along with downloadable movies. And it seamed that these files where here to stay for quite a while. But no again, streaming is the way these days where many of us listen to music and watch movies. So there’s almost no necessity for those discs anymore. Change after change.

This pendant lets your old CD collection keep on shining

Well what about my collection of digital discs? Last week I finally took that box for further investigation. I found out that there where 64 CDs and DVDs [excluded are my favorite movies] that I could throw away because the software on there was old, songs and photos where on my iMac and old files weren’t needed anymore. But throwing away such great shiny objects was not what I had in mind. No, I wanted to see what kind of simple upcycle design lampshade or pendant I could come up with. Here’s a short description on the process of making this pendant.

DIY: Old CDs transformed into CDegg pendant by Gilbert de Rooij – upcycleDZINE
DIY: Old CDs transformed into CDegg pendant by Gilbert de Rooij – upcycleDZINE
DIY: Old CDs transformed into CDegg pendant by Gilbert de Rooij – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Gilbert de Rooij

First I had to figure out a way to work with these discs and I noticed that making holes with a drill was the thing to do. After that I could work the way I did with some of the other designs I had already made. First I drilled a whole lot of holes. Every disc needed two holes, except the top one and the bottom discs. The double layer at the top needed eight holes and the discs at the bottom 3 or 4 holes. My collection of discs mainly consisted of two colors, blue and silver. So I laid this collection on a table and divided them into 8 series of 5 discs each. Next it was time to use the familiar tie-wraps to connect the series and make a string out of them.
Last part was to connect the strings to the top discs and eventually the bottom ones to each other. Because of the tension in the design you get this elegant shape after the bottom discs are connected and the bottom part stays open.
The top is a bit tricky because I wanted to use the hole that’s already in a disc. I used normal parts from a standard pendant light from IKEA and even a milk carton cap.
If you’re looking for ‘new’ shiny design in your living room and you’ve got some old CDs and DVDs lying around, this might be a DIY for you. Have fun.

What you’ll need:

  • 42 CDs or DVDs [+1 as a template for the holes]
  • drill and drill bit 4 mm.
  • Scissors
  • Basic cord set like IKEA HEMMA
  • Tie-wraps, 20 cm. / ± 3 mm.

Please share your result and/or findings with me.
Have fun!

Design by Gilbert de Rooij | upcycleDZINE



    • Thanks for your compliment!
      Next one is going to be made by using my music CD collection after I converted them to mp3. Not sure which side should be outside and which should be inside 🙂

  1. This is really neat and would work in the basement rec room or even my grandsons Man Cave. I took a look at his Man Cave while he was away last weekend and it is really neat so I might just have to make one for him. thanks for the great idea. Lily C Canada


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