Lawn Tractor bedside reading lamp by Omega Lighting Design

I’ve mentioned this several times before, but searching for upcycle design is such a great and fun experience. You never know what you’r going to find. Sometimes I’m in luck because designers send me an email telling me they have a design I could check out. And one of those people is Mark Bell from Omega Lighting Design who also featured on upcycleDZINE with his stunning Wench Hooks pendants.

This time I was pleasantly surprised by his new and totally different design. The Wench Hooks pendants are stylish, where this new design is more fun and sturdy. The design is named ‘Lawn Tractor bedside reading lamp’ and was created from old lawn sprinklers that used the pressure of water to propel it along the course of the hose.

Patina on reading lamp gives it character

“We usually leave them with the as-found patina and paint the shade to match. The adjustable arm is great for reading light getting to just the right place, and then swiveling out of the way when finished. All new UL wiring and sockets are used. On/off switch is on the socket.”
Again Omega Lighting Design proofs that they are all about repair/repurposing/upcycling old vintage objects. Just stunning to see what they do with all these objects. Especially the lighting design.

Photos © Omega Lighting Design

Omega Lighting Design, started in 1991 as ‘Omega Too’. A place to buy beautiful lights that didn’t quite fit in at the historic Ohmega Salvage Yard down the street. These lights were old, beautiful and needed a lot of work. So, they were fixed, cleaned and brought back to life.
Why throw things away when you can make the old new again? Omega Lighting Design ( O.L.D.) has thrived in a community that appreciates the old and beautiful. “We strive to make old houses look like old again, by offering beautiful things that are either truly old, or at least made the way they used to be.”

Design by Mark Bell | Omega Lighting Design



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