MilkCap: lamp from upcycled milk containers by Gilbert de Rooij

Well it has been a while since upcycleDZINE presented a new upcycle design by myself. But luckily today that’s changed.
After a very busy period of preparations for the Woonbeurs interior fair last October, the fair itself and the time after that fair, it is now time to show a new design called MilkCap. Yes another design made from upcycled plastic milk containers.

Upcycled into a mushroom like shape

A few months ago a friend of mine asked me if I was interested in two old small flexible lamp standards. How could I say no as a person who loves lighting and creating upcycle design.
So I was very happy with the standards, although I didn’t know what to do with them. Of course I knew I wanted to design a lampshade for them, but what kind of shape, design.
I noticed that it didn’t matter what the design would turn out like, either way the lamp was going to look like a flower or a mushroom. And that mushroom idea stuck, so I went out to see how I could create a ball shaped lampshade.

Looking at all different upcycle designs I’ve made so far, I noticed that the MilkTurban had the sort of technique that would fit the idea I had. Like always, it took many trial and errors until it turned out like the way it is now. And I must say it is so different from the other lampshades I’ve made so far. And that’s because of it’s size and the flexible standard.
MilkCap has a woven and interlocked structure like the MilkTurban. This lampshade is 23 cm. in diameter. The structure shows it’s real beauty when the light is on. Then you see all different segments and transparent layers that gives the design more depth. The layered and transparent lampshade shows a warm and friendly character. These segments are made by connecting strips cut out from the middle section of plastic milk containers.

Photos © Gilbert de Rooij

Well, as I always say, stay tuned because there are still some new ideas I’ve got for making other lampshades out of plastic containers.
If you like this design you should visit ‘My upcycle design‘ for more upcycle design made by me.

Design by Gilbert de Rooij | upcycleDZINE



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