SEW ME lamp by vanderBijl – design & interior

SEW ME lamp by vanderBijl – design & interior – upcycleDZINE
I really like old machines, big and small. For example a vintage typewriter [Kids pay attention, that’s what people used to type a letter with. A sort of keyboard!] or a sewing machine. I think they are beautiful. And now someone turned a sewing machine into something different. Designer Stef van der Bijl, vanderBijl – design & interior in Amsterdam | The Netherlands, made the “Sew Me lamp“, part of the Sew Me Collection. The light turns on and dims by turning the hand wheel. The lamp is a limited collection of redesigned antique sewing machines. Stef van der Bijl also redesigned all the pieces belonging to a sewing machine set, and turned them into interior products.
SEW ME lamp by vanderBijl – design & interior – upcycleDZINE
Photos © vanderBijl – design & interior

According to Stef van der Bijl: “When things have lost their function, I try to give them a new life by creating a new function. A combination between antique and modern is interesting by contrast. So grab something old and place it in a new context. Don’t deny your own past, but use the past to create something new.” And in my opinion that’s exactly what makes his designs so appealing. The fact that he creates something new that is based on the old in this day and age of internet and enormous technological development.

Design by vanderBijl – design & interior


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