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Amsterdam, NL
Thursday, May 24, 2018


MilkFlower: plastic milk cartons lampshade by Gilbert de Rooij

The MilkShell was one of the first lampshades I made using plastic milk cartons. Since that design I've made the 'MilkShell2' and now, finally, 'MilkFlower'....

Steam Juicer desk lamp by Ideenklette

Garden tools and kitchen utensils inspire upcycle designers. Especially objects found in a kitchen can turn out to be quite useful. But what about a...


QUERCUS: Stylish Sustainable desk lamp by Max Ashford

I'm very excited to show you this design. Last weekend when I was looking through the inspiring Béhance website, I stumbled upon this stunningly beautiful lighting...


Moveo. Via: Pallet furniture done differently by reditum

Lately many people seem to upcycle used pallets. There are some great examples to be found of pallet furniture and lighting. On my...
DIY: Plastic Army Men Fruit Bowl by Mike Pinder – upcycleDZINE

DIY: Plastic Army Men Fruit Bowl by Mike Pinder

Today's featured DIY reminds me of the Action Figures Lamp by Jessy Rafting. The design you're seeing here is also about toys, although it's...



Upcycled tyres + tubes by mnmur

There are some materials out there that always attract my attention. One of them is a bicycle tube. And why? For instance just look...

Flower Bouquet Bag by RE_STORE

Once in a while I come across design that doesn't only look good, but also is very clever. The design can stand out by...