2cl Ceramic Lamp by LittlePopMachine

2cl Ceramic Lamp by LittlePopMachine – upcycleDZINE
Less is more. That’s what a lot of design and art critics tend to say. In a way they’re right, because if you keep the design minimal you’ll see the purity and the strength of it. You’re not distracted by all decorations. Don’t get me wrong here, decorations can be great but only if they add value. They shouldn’t disguise that the design isn’t that great.
2cl Ceramic Lamp by LittlePopMachine – upcycleDZINE
Photos © LittlePopMachine

Anyway, the lamp in this post is one in the “less is more” category. It’s a lamp called ‘2cl‘, designed by LittlePopMachine, Berlin | Germany. 2cl is a handmade ceramic lamp made from a recycled plastic cup. From drinking to illuminating! To me it’s a little, fun and daring design and I think it will look great in any surrounding.

Design by LittlePopMachine


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