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Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Joining Bottles Project: bonding technique by Micaella Pedros

Today's post is quite different from all other posts. Not in the way that it's a different design category. No it's about a wood...

12 upcycle design floor lamp ideas

In this group-post number twenty-five you’ll find 12 unique upcycle design floor lamp ideas. upcycleDZINE is a blog that focuses on showing what upcycle design is all about. A...



MC 205: Cardboard Armchair by Nordwerk recyclingDESIGN

Here at upcycleDZINE I'm always on the look out for nice, beautiful and fun upcycle design that shows ingenuity and simplicity. And when it's...

TOUR: table on bicycle wheels by Gae Aulenti

In the design world there are designs that are regarded as 'classics'. What makes it a classic? According to Wikipedia: 'A design classic is...


12 upcycle design ideas using books

In this group-post number twelve you'll find 12 great upcycle design ideas using books. upcycleDZINE is a blog that focuses on showing what upcycle design is all about. A collection of...


RING made out of skateboards by Diirt upcycling

Yes, it’s skateboard time. Finally time again to post an upcycle design made out of used skateboard decks. You may have noticed that upcycleDZINE...

Fashion made of leather car upholstery by Platinum Dirt

On this misty Monday I'm so glad to show you very stylish upcycle design made out of leather. Not new leather, otherwise it wouldn't be...