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StudioLamp: Vinyl Record lamp by Sandman

It's music time again. Time to put vinyl records in the spotlight. These records are in a way the same as books. Due to...

Samsung Cable Charger Furniture by Evy Puelinckx

The digital age in which we live in is changing very fast. And it changes the products we use and stop using. There are...



KAWARA: roof tile furniture by Tsuyoshi Hayashi

What does upcycle really mean? Why should one make such a fuss about upcycling? Let's begin with the first question. In a nutshell, upcycling...

BOTH MATTERS: furniture parts redefined by StudioKnob and Nagarya

Sometimes friends ask me why I like upcycle design. Of course there are several reasons like the environmental and consumption aspect. And yes it's...



CAN-WATCH: from soda-can to watch by Alchemist Creations

This next upcycle design should be interesting to a lot of people. Not only watch-fans but also people who are concerned about the amount...

Upcycling by KLM: old uniforms get a second chance

Here's a story to show that upcycling is becoming more and more popular. Finally big companies are getting into upcycling. And one of these...



26 upcycle design ideas using plastic

In this group-post number thirty four you’ll find 26 unique upcycle design ideas using plastic. upcycleDZINE is a blog that focuses on showing what upcycle design is all about. A...