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Tuesday, June 19, 2018


ENJOY TWICE by Niels Craens

Niels Craens is a graphic designer. A few years ago he completed extensive research into the advantages and disadvantages of cardboard drinking packages. In...

Coffee Sack Storage Bench by Recycled Brooklyn

Upcycle design is generally made by giving one object or material a second life. Sometimes designers find a way to use two objects and...


SKIPPY by Garbage

While I was surfing the web I came across a London based upcycle-company called Moorbi. They're a new company and want to be part of...


RE_VINYL clock by Pavel Sidorenko

Today I want to show another design that has to do with audio. After a design made of CDs and DVDs, one made of...
DIY: Upcycled Bed Spring Christmas Bells by Dinah Wulf – upcycleDZINE

DIY: Upcycled Bed Spring Christmas Bells by Dinah Wulf

Two weeks ago when I was decorating the Christmas tree it occurred to me that until now upcycleDZINE didn't feature a single Christmas decoration. So it was more than...



Reclaimed Ring Pulls: Fashion by Trash Garden

You might have seen these next upcycled objects, but every time I see them I'm taken by their appearance. I'm talking about ring pulls...

Elegant and durable fashion made from inner tubes by Innervy

When I surf the internet searching for upcycle design I like, I see so many fantastic things. It can be the shape, size, object...



Pallet wood armchair collection by Redolab

If you thought the pallet 'hype' was over, think again. Pallet wood is still very popular among upcycle designers and people who like upcycle...