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Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Vintage Carpenter’s Plane Lamp by Studio ORYX

One of the great and attractive aspects of upcycle design is giving new life to an almost forgotten vintage object. There are so many...

Stool ZERO: fan guards turned into furniture by KaCaMa

Sometimes people ask me why I like upcycle design so much. My answer is quite simple. I tell them that no other design has...



Snow Job: Chair with candy wrappers cover by Emiliano Godoy

Have you ever thought about what the recyclable logo means? Many people think that the material with that logo is going to be recycled....

Hot!: A zig-zag chair made from a radiator by Jeroen Wesselink

Radiators are not the first objects you would think of upcycling. But often those objects turn out to be the most impressive ones. upcycleDZINE...


40 upcycle design chandelier ideas

In this group post number thirty five you'll find 40 amazing upcycle design chandelier ideas. This post is an extended version of 20 upcycle design chandelier ideas. upcycleDZINE...


Plane to Product: KLM upcycled by Design Academy Eindhoven

Early last year upcycleDZINE featured a post about old KLM uniforms being upcycled. Until today that was one of the top five most popular...

Fashion made of leather car upholstery by Platinum Dirt

On this misty Monday I'm so glad to show you very stylish upcycle design made out of leather. Not new leather, otherwise it wouldn't be...