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Locker Bench by Artspace Industrial

Photos © Artspace Industrial Many movies and tv series show school lockers, so almost everybody knows what they look like. Personally I've always loved them, don't...

DIY: I Used to be a Washing Machine! by Antonina

If you're looking for upcycle design you might find several designs made from washing machine drums. Just like the colorful 'Upcycled washing drum lamp'...



DVINUS: tables out of wood and bottles by Tati Guimarães

In our household we always collect enough empty bottles for a recycle point. And I think this is the case for lots of you....

Mirror made out of Airbus a320 part by Redesign

After writing a lot of posts on upcycleDZINE I noticed quite a few different objects and materials being used by upcycle designers. And looking at...



Vinyl eyewear by Tipton Eyeworks

Vinyl records are incredibly popular, even more then in 1997. And also making upcycle design with these records is quite popular. A very stylish example is Vinylize...

ZIPPELIN: world’s first inflatable travel bag by FREITAG

Who has not heard of bag brand FREITAG? You know, those very recognisable water-repellent upcycle design bags made out of used truck tarps ,...


Sculptures made from keys by Moerkey – upcycleDZINE

Sculptures made from keys by Moerkey

Most of times upcycleDZINE features upcycle design lighting, furniture and some homeware. And just a few times there has been art on this blog....


Airplane Trolley by bordbar

The design piece I'm showing in this article is a classic. Not just for its functional design aesthetics, but more for its function and...