Abitudini: upcycled chair hangers by Antonello Fusè

Sometimes you’ll see an upcycle design that is so straight forward. Why didn’t you come up with that idea. Well that’s what I thought when I saw this closet system. It’s so much fun to look at and it shows you care about giving things, in this case chairs, a second chance. And it’s just like hanging a coat on a chair back.

Unique cloth hangers you don’t want to hide

This great upcycle idea is by Antonello Fusè, who works and lives in Milan | Italy. After working as industrial and car designer he now works at Resign.
The design is called ‘Abitudini‘ and uses old chairs and an inserted metal hook. The top back of chairs is cut of and upcycled into unique, stylish cloth hangers. If you are eco conscious and your wardrobe is all about organic cotton, than this is a must have.

Photos © Alice Brandolini

Some of these chair hangers even have horizontal bars which you could use for your scarves, ties or pants.
I don’t know about you, but I can imagine after seeing these hangers one would go out and look for old chairs.

Design by Antonello Fusè | Resign



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