Glass is such an incredible material, There’s something special to it, something clean and mesmerizing. We all know that we have to recycle it. So that’s why, in my household, we save all glass waste in a box and when it’s full we bring it to the recycle container. A good system that works very well. But what can one do to upcycle glass, using for instance discarded bottles?
Well here comes an eco company named Lucirmás, based in Barcelona | Spain. They produce and design several upcycle design products, such as Dama by Tom Allen.
Today’s featured design is by Lucia Bruni and is called Bandeja Fluid. It’s a glass tray (available in two sizes: grande and mini) that is so original and a fantastic and fun way to present food like nibbles or tapas. “The handles make them easily transportable and being 100% recycled glass shows our commitment to a better world.”

Handmade glass design that tells a story

Lucirmás designs and produces sustainable glass products which tell a story. They make original, handcrafted objects from 100% recycled glass, offering the quality of a beautiful, artisan product. “At Lucirmás we take seriously our efforts to reduce our environmental impact. For this reason, we choose to use recycled glass as our prime material, we reduce the use of pollutants and use recyclable/responsible packaging. Our products are designed and handmade in Barcelona, Spain.”
Their mission is to create elegant, simple and functional products which make the most of the charm, value and versatility of recycled glass.
Photo © Lucirmás

Design by Lucia Bruni | Lucirmás


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