Baseball Glove Watch Straps by Bjstrap

If you’re a watch enthusiast like me than you’ll know that a watch strap is almost as important as the watch itself. The look and feel should be just right to match the watch. It’s like a car, the car can be awesome but without the right set of wheels it’s not complete.
Well, that’s why I like straps, they can really make your watch look stunning. Besides looking good a strap needs to be comfortable to wear. Normally new leather straps look very new. I like leather that looks used with all it’s creases. So when I saw watch straps made out of used baseball gloves I was hooked.

A leather watch strap that shows history

These ‘Vintage Baseball Watch Straps‘ are made by Brian form Bjstrap in Wisconsin | USA. The Straps are made from an assortment of vintage Baseball Gloves ranging from the 40’s to the 80’s. Brian: “I am a watch enthusiast who has collected watches for quite some time. I was never all that interested in leather straps, because they never seemed to fit or look the way I wanted them to. So, I decided to make my own straps and I found that I enjoyed working with leather.”

Photo © Tipton Eyeworks

Bjstrap has customers from all over the world that wear their custom made straps. “I’m always grateful for the opportunity to create that special strap for my customers and always strive to make improvements to my product.”
All these leather straps are handmade and hand stitched by Brian in his small workshop in Wisconsin. His straps are all stitched in the old fashioned style called ‘saddle stitch‘. This is done with two stitching needles at the same time to achieve a superior stitched joint.
Once again it’s great to see a used object, in this case a baseball glove with a great history, upcyled into an object that gets a special, rich and worn look.

Made by Bjstrap | Photos by ridinfool



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