Beer Barrel Bedroom: sleeping in an upcycled 19th century barrel

Airbnb Beer Barrel Bedroom – upcycleDZINE
Time for another wine barrel up cycle design. You might have already seen some upcycled barrels here on upcycleDZINE like the Barrel scooter and Barrique. But compared to the size of today’s featured design, those are just kid stuff. Just incredible how big this beer barrel is. It’s not a wine, port or sherry barrel. This one was used for beer.

Double or a single bed upcycled beer barrel

This is ‘next level’ upcycling where someone took a genuine 19th century beer barrel, in use until about 1995, and upcycled it into a ‘Beer Barrel Bedroom‘. The beer room arose in cooperation with a regional brewery – Pott’s.
If you would like to sleep in it you can in a village called Ostbevern, North Rhine-Westphalia | Germany. You can book your stay at Airbnb, available at the rate of $139 per night.
Airbnb Beer Barrel Bedroom – upcycleDZINE
Airbnb Beer Barrel Bedroom – upcycleDZINE
Airbnb Beer Barrel Bedroom – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Airbnb

There are a total of three beer rooms. One barrel can be rented as a double bed or a single bed. Each room has the luxury of a 32″ flat screen TV, DVD, free internet access, a phone flatrate and a shower with massage jets.
If your looking for a special overnight stay, this is certainly interesting. I can’t help thinking how the smell is like insight that cosy bed. I definitely think it’s worth a stay in combination with a visit to the Pott’s brewery.

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