BERLIN-RE-CYLING: bicycle parts lighting by StW-design

BERLIN-RE-CYLING: bicycle parts lighting by StW-design – upcycleDZINE
When talking about upcycle design, people sometimes ask me which city is the place to be for upcycle design. Well I think it must be Berlin | Germany. It’s the city where you can find more and more upcycle designers and stores. Especially the sustainable fashion scene is growing fast. They even have a tour showing upcycling, fair trade and eco sustainable products where you can meet the designers and store managers in-person!
When upcyleDZINE was launched, one of the first featured upcycle design companies was Berlin based Upcycling Deluxe. A fantastic place to find upcycle design products.
Knowing that this city is an upcycling hotspot it came as no surprise that I stumbled upon another great address for upcycle design.

Upcycling and Berlin are a perfect fit

upcycleDZINE is proud to present upcycle design project berlin-re-cycling, a lamp collection made out of upcycling old bicycle parts. Creative brain behind this is Stuart N.R. Wolfe, a London sculptor and artist working in Berlin. Each product is individually drafted and custom made in the berlin-­re-­cycling workshops.
BERLIN-RE-CYLING: bicycle parts lighting by StW-design – upcycleDZINE
Stuart provided upcycleDZINE with some great background info for this post about berlin-re-cycling’s story and their approach.

The story behind berlin‐re‐cycling
Berlin is novel and unconventional, that’s why berlin-­re-­cycling fits perfectly to this city. Through a creative process, recycled bicycle parts are formed into valuable art objects appealing to both fashion minded Berliners and tourists alike. Innovative, stylish and totally off the wall. The trendy design lamps are named after famous city streets and are available in a classic, vintage or pop version. berlin‐re‐cycling is part of the Berlin lifestyle.
BERLIN-RE-CYLING: bicycle parts lighting by StW-design – upcycleDZINE
BERLIN-RE-CYLING: bicycle parts lighting by StW-design – upcycleDZINE
A brand mark
Clean lines and clear shapes are a brand mark of the sculptor and designer, now living in Kreuzberg. He received international recognition through his installations in the public sphere. Recently the German AIDS Foundation commissioned him with the composition of the annual ‘Hans-­Peter-­Hauschild-­award’. Stuart Wolfe’s art work stands for style, quality and commitment.
BERLIN-RE-CYLING: bicycle parts lighting by StW-design – upcycleDZINE
Stuart Wolfe:

“The philosophy behind this collection is based on a holistic concept, consciously addressing all relevent aspects – the resources, the production, the design work and the interests of the customer.”

Holistic approach”
There are four aspects that form a whole and are dependent on each other: esthetic design, origin of the berlin-­re-­cycling products, environmentally friendly and the production line.
berlin-­re-­cycling products mainly consist of recycled materials. It is due to the creative process, that these materials are transformed into esthetically new forms and functions. Upcycling reuses existing materials, saves raw materials, preserves energy and has a higher ecological benefit. It is therefore very environmentally friendly.
BERLIN-RE-CYLING: bicycle parts lighting by StW-design – upcycleDZINE
The production line is an aspect that shows that berlin-­re-­cycling not only cares about our environment but also about the community. It has its own workshops, in which people who have less chance on the normal job market are given special consideration. This could be blind or otherwise handicapped people, long term unemployed or asylum seeking people.
BERLIN-RE-CYLING: bicycle parts lighting by StW-design – upcycleDZINE
Photos © StW-design

Projects like this are such a fantastic and motivating example for others in the way they show how to be environmentally and socially friendly.
You should definitely pay a visit to StW-design’s website to explore all the amazing upcycle design lamps. And then you’ll agree that berlin-­re-­cycling belongs to the list of stunning upcycle design pieces that use bicycle parts.

Design by StW-design


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