Bermill: upcycled barrels by Samir – upcycleDZINE
It seems like more and more designers take discarded barrels for an upcycle design project. And I must say there are some pretty good designs out there.
In 2013 during the Tortona Design Week | Milan, I came across a nice upcycle project called ‘Barrel‘ by Francesca Cutini. She uses discarded barrels/drums and turns them into a library on wheels, container, pouf or pots/vases for outdoor use. And later that year I stumbled upon upcycle design by a Dutch design collective called Indusigns. They too have a very nice collection that ranges from lighting to a bbq or furniture.

Barrels turn out to be perfect for a second life

And some ago I got an email from an upcyle designer called Samir, founder of Bermill. He is based in Sousse |Tunisia and also uses barrels for creating upcycle design products. He designs lighting, chairs and tables and they are all handmade and unique. Just like this ‘Table amovible‘ [removable table]. So nice and simple, three sticks and a top. That’s it!
Bermill: upcycled barrels by Samir – upcycleDZINE
Bermill: upcycled barrels by Samir – upcycleDZINE
Bermill: upcycled barrels by Samir – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Bermill

It’s so fascinating to see how all designers I mentioned give these barrels a second life by creating different designs. I’m looking forward to what kind of designs they come up with next.

Design by Samir


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