BEUTE: cardboard lamp by herrwolke

BEUTE: cardboard lamp by herrwolke – upcycleDZINE
Cardboard is a favorite material for many upcycle designers. Especially if it is already used, because then you’ll get to see the different prints and structures. There’re a some lighting designs that make use of cardboard, but only a few succeed in making a great design. One of those successful upcycle lighting designs, shown earlier here at upcycleDZINE, is made by graypants and is called Scraplights. A very beautiful and stylish design.

No cardboard lamp is the same

And now I want to show you another great and successful upcycle lamp that is made out of using cardboard. It’s the ‘Beute lamp‘ by herrwolke | Michael Konstantin Wolke, based in Berlin. According to Michael Konstantin: “By dissecting and rearranging of the material, the designer compresses the conquered corrugated cardboard and uses it as raw material with specific characteristics.” What makes this design so special is the fact that by using discarded cardboard you end up with a unique version of the design. No Beute lamp is the same.
Designer Michael Konstantin has his label called ‘herrwolke‘, that develops solutions in the field of material and spatial reuse. The studio for three-dimensional concepts, designs and implements object-related work at the interface between free and applied creativity.

BEUTE: cardboard lamp by herrwolke – upcycleDZINE
BEUTE: cardboard lamp by herrwolke – upcycleDZINE
Photos © herrwolke

Design by herrwolke


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