Bicycle by Fishtail45

Bicycle by Fishtail45 – upcycleDZINE
Photo © Fishtail45

Are you looking for something strange, out of the ordinary, fun, remarkable and great to look at? Well then, this might be your thing. ‘Bicycle‘, an unique upcycle table/floor lamp made from vintage materials designed and made by Fishtail45, Athens, Greece. It’s handcrafted with special attention to detail and functionality. And it shows. The handcrafted wooden base is combined with a very rare children’s brown leather bicycle seat and a Philips lamp coming from an old ‘50s postman’s bicycle.
All these components create a wonderful nostalgic look. The red bulb in this example can be replaced with another color like green, yellow or white. All electrical parts, orange & beige fabric cord, white socket etc are brand new. The lighting measures approximately 37 cm (14,6 inches) high. The base measures approximately 17 cm (6,7 inches) in diameter.
A thing about great upcycle design is it leaves a sort of footprint in ones memory. After seeing it it’s not easy to forget. It leaves you sort of puzzled, but most of the time with a smile on your face. And that’s what design should do.

Design by Fishtail45


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