Blow Dryer Lamp by Lunch Lady Vintage

Blow Dryer Lamp by Lunch Lady Vintage – upcycleDZINE
What is upcycle lighting? Well I heard somebody say ‘put a bulb in it‘. And in a way that person was right. Or you can ‘just’ put a bulb in it or you can create a lighting device by putting several items together. Either way, the lamp that you created is upcycle lighting. At upcycleDZINE you may have seen a lot of great exemples ranging from simple and small to more complex designs.

Blow Dryer Lamp by Lunch Lady Vintage – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Lunch Lady Vintage

In this post you’re seeing a design that is in a way straightforward but oh so charismatic. This is a sweet ’50s mint green blow dryer, upcycled into an accent lamp with an Edison style bulb, the ‘Blow Dryer Lamp‘ by Lunch Lady Vintage from Bakersfield, CA | United States. The dryer handle is mounted on its original stand. While the plug is original, the wiring inside the dryer has been removed to make way for the main light and a small night light bulb inside the casing. The handle of this dryer is wood. The lamp is operated with its original ON/OFF switch. This a very nice vintage lamp.

design by Lunch Lady Vintage



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