BOILER LIGHT: copper pendant lamp by Indusigns – upcycleDZINE
To start this new year in style, upcycleDZINE features upcycle design made out of used copper. A very popular material and featured on this blog in for instance Spiral_2 and American Pipe Dream Chair. Copper is a material with a stylish and warm industrial look and feel. Especially old copper has character with its scratches and marks.

Copper pendant is authentic and full of character

It has been said before here on upcycleDZINE that upcycle design made entirely out of one upcycled material has something special. There are many fantastic design pieces that combine several materials and objects with one of them being upcycled. But to me a design piece made out of one discarded object or material is even more about upcycling.
That’s also the case with today’s featured design. An impressive minimalist pendant lamp called Boiler Light. The creation is by Dutch upcycle design company Indusigns, based in Amsterdam. You can find a few other posts regarding Indusigns on this blog.
BOILER LIGHT: copper pendant lamp by Indusigns – upcycleDZINE
This awesome pendant is made out of upcycling an old copper boiler vessel and dividing it into two parts. An ‘open’ and ‘closed’ part. Each part is turned into a pendant lamp with the following dimensions: 44 x 44 x 28 cm. The result is a shiny lamp, that’s a real eye-catcher, for instance above the dining table. The boiler Lights show exactly what Indusigns is about.
Indusigns was founded by two brothers in the spring of 2013. Gijs Bodt, studied sociology/criminology and Chiel Bodt, studied architectural engineering, started the company out of their passion for industrial interior design and crafts. Gijs takes care of marketing & sales and Chiel is the designer.
BOILER LIGHT: copper pendant lamp by Indusigns – upcycleDZINE

“We give disposable objects a new user value with high durability. Our products are therefore not only innovative but also environmentally conscious. The oil drums, hand pieces and zinc barrels that are found in many of our items are often weathered and therefore contain dents, scratches or rust. We leave that as well. It gives our collection the look we seek; authentic and full of character.”

BOILER LIGHT: copper pendant lamp by Indusigns – upcycleDZINE
BOILER LIGHT: copper pendant lamp by Indusigns – upcycleDZINE
If you’re looking for impressive pendant lamps to match your interior, you should visit Indusign’s website for some inspiration. Maybe Boiler Light is an absolute ‘must have’ for you.

Design by Indusigns | Facebook


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