Book Frames: frame turns into bookshelf by Change of Scenery

When I surf the web searching for upcycle design and ideas I come across work from so many creative people. Some of them by profession and others as hobby. But all of them with fantastic ideas. And one of them had a great idea for some old frames.

Old frames function as additional storage

I’m talking about Kate Antoske, founder of ‘Change of Scenery‘, a blog about home decorating ideas. By day she’s a Campaign Manager and by night a ‘design enthusiast’. About her blog: “I’m constantly getting questions from family and friends about home decorating. What artwork would look best in my space? How many objects should be arranged on a shelf? Is purple too feminine? It’s here where I keep all my thoughts and creativity, sharing with my family and friends to answer their questions and inspire their spaces.”

When she worked on a project for a couple where one of them moved in with the other she needed to find ways to make the space feel like their home, not just the owner.
One of the things she came up with was ‘Book Frames‘, using vintage frames and turning them into unique places for books and little stuff. “Small pieces of wood were added to the backs of old frames, creating shelves for additional storage. We arranged the framed shelves in an asymmetrical arrangement to keep the space looking casual. From there, we used books and small trinkets to fill.”

Photos © Change of Scenery

It shows how a simple idea can turn into very nice upcycle design pieces that create character in a room.

Design by Change of Scenery



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