Bottle-Up by Giuseppe Casuccio and Valerio Palmieri

Most of the upcycle lighting ideas I come across are unique. They all take discarded objects and turn them into a new design. But what if you would design a product that, if combined with almost any bottle, would turn it into a very nice lighting design? Take a look at “Bottle-up“.
Bottle-up is a lamp designed for bars and restaurants by Giuseppe Casuccio [designer/art director] and Valerio Palmieri [architect/designer]. The first prototype was designed during the design project for a Lounge Bar. The owner needed a lamp with plenty of character on the top of the bar.

“The inspiration is born from the thought on how to light and how to promote a product at the same time. The lamp works very easy: there is an aluminum cylinder that bears the LED and houses a bottle by screws. The cylinder cap also has a small hole that allows liquid to slowly evaporate over time. In this case we used a Campari Soda bottle, that was the best choice for the bar’s colors and style. This lamp can house any kind of glass bottle.”
Just imagine that you could make a lamp from your favorite bottle, filled up with whatever you want. Great idea by these two Italian designers.

Photo © Bottle-Up

Design by Giuseppe Casuccio and Valerio Palmieri



  1. Hi, I think that there isn’t any links between this lamp and the “Campari Light” (that’s a very nice lamp)
    The bottle used in this lamp is purely demonstrative, the lamp can attach any type of aperitif bottle…

    • Hi Giuseppe, thanks for your comment. The only link between the featured Bottle-Up and the Campari Light is of course a Campari bottle. In my opinion the Campari Light by Ingo Maurer is a beautiful design, but it only uses new bottles. And that’s why I posted the Bottle-Up. It can, like I wrote in the post, be used with lots of other bottles. And best of all, used bottles. That’s what upcycle design is all about. And that’s why I like it so much. Keep upcycling!

  2. Very “original” idea… from these two Italian “Designers” .
    What a pity that they forget to mention the ” Campari Light ” from Ingo Maurer ( Design Raffaele Celentano ) .

    • You are so right. Thanks for mentioning the Campari Light. I saw the design before but forgot by whom the design was! Compliments, always liked it very much! Maybe I’ll write a post about it. Really enjoyed your website. Very nice photos.


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