Box Sir: Versatile furniture out of wooden boxes by Manoteca

I think It’s no coinsedance that I found this upcycle design furniture. It could be because spring is in the air or maybe because I’m participating in an event next Saturday that is about letting go of items and giving old items a second chance. And giving a second chance can be by upcycling or through delivering old goods to a thrift store. Both options are about getting rid of old stuff and cleaning out your room, shed, desk or entire house.
It’s not all about cleaning but also about sorting out items. Great for doing that are closets, cupboards, chests, bins and boxes. And wouldn’t it be nice if you had some vintage boxes lying around that you could use?
Well, like most of the time, someone has come up with a design solution. And this time in a very, very unique way. Please, take a look at this wonderful furniture/storage solution.

Wooden boxes turn out to be perfect furniture

It’s called ‘Box Sir‘ and is designed by Manoteca, based in Bologna | Italy. Manoteca takes vintage objects and remodels them to create one-off pieces of furniture. Box Sir is built from an uneven iron frame and wooden boxes from the beginning of the century which have been carefully restored.
“If you take it apart, Box Sir will continuously change shape and use. By taking away the boxes, you’re left with a open surfaces you can put anything on. The boxes, originally planned to be able to hold anything, can be put back onto the frame as you like, thanks to a strong magnetic underside which is carefully and adequately concealed and insulated. The bottom of the box, and any pocket in it, are all hand-stitched leather. The stool and bench’s height can be adjusted. Both are also detachable storage. Bench, stool and table can all be used with or without boxes, allowing Box Sir to also be used as a normal table.”

Photos © Manoteca

When I first saw this design I was fascinated by what it was and how well it all worked and fitted together. And when I saw some more photos, and especially the video, I was completely hooked. The Box Sit is a stunning combination of being playful, useful and full of character. And besides that, it’s a piece of upcycle furniture that is incredible versatile.

Design by Manoteca



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