CAN Light industrial scale at Midhill diner by Willem Heeffer

In October last year I showed the ‘Campbell’s Can Light‘ by dutch designer Willem heefer. He turned a well known everyday waste object into a charming yet functional pendant can light. That time there was only the single can version.
Now half a year later Heeffer stepped it up a bit and took the can light to a new level.

Upcycling industrial scale at Midhill diner

He used 334 recycled cans for Midhill in Helsinki, Top chef Hans Välimäki’s new American diner. This is upcycling on an industrial scale. The cans were collected with help of many local committed restaurants and cafes. After cleaning them, these cans were transformed into fork and knife holders, bar lights, a floor to ceiling storage display and three chandeliers.

The chandeliers give home to 21 Heinz Beanz classics each. The lamps fit perfectly into the interior designed by Martina Rosenqvist and Vera Öller who used old corrugated roof panels to clad the bars. The single Heinz Beanz can where it all started from is for sale at:
These chandeliers are so stunning, they’re a fantastic crossover between classic, industrial and upcycling

Photo © Willem Heeffer

Design by Willem Heeffer



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