CAPtivate by Lula Dot – upcycleDZINE
Here’s another product design by Lula Dot, the CAPtivate. Only 5.5% of plastic bottles sold in the UK are recycled, which leaves 40 thousand tonnes going into landfill each year. Bottle caps are not generally recycled as they are made from a different plastic to the bottle. CAPtivate was designed to use this waste, turning it into an ambient light. Different bottle caps can be screwed on to change the colour and pattern of the light. Each light comes with fifty caps, but to cover the light completely more bottle caps can be collected.
Artenius Packaging supply damaged plastic PET bottle performs (injection moulded bottles before they are blow moulded into their full shape) that they could not recycle. In addition, West Ham United has been donating the bottle caps collected from each home game. These caps are removed from all bottles sold in their stadium, in order to prevent fans from using them as missiles.
CAPtivate by Lula Dot – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Lula Dot

The collected parts are sent to Watford Workshop for assembly. The Workshop is a registered charity, providing training and employment for people with disabilities.

 CAPtivate has different stages, colours and effects, engaging the user in recreating the light continually. 

Dimensions: W 190 x H 220 mm

Design by Lula Dot


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