WITH CARE: cushions show hidden side of ribbons by Wonderable

Today’s featured upcycle design is an item I saw during my visit to the IMM Cologne this year. There I met the founder of Wonderable, Dutch designer Carla Peters | Wonderable,. She had several stunning designs on display of which two have already appeared on upcycleDZINE. Namely ‘‘Souvenir‘. and ‘Hallelujah‘.

Upcycle cushions made from instruction ribbons

And now I want to show another one that really caught my attention because of the unusual way the fabric was used. It’s ‘With Care‘ by Wonderable. From as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the reverse side of labels/ribbons inside garments. I’ve always been looking at the hidden side of these labels showing this incredible chaos of floating yarns. And when you turn them over they reveal information like for instance care instructions. So when I saw these With Care cushions I was stunned by the look of these layered ribbons giving the cushion a unique look.
The cushions are made by Mai, based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s economic capital in the south. “It began as a project to provide opportunities for street children and has grown into an organisation that cooperates with workshops throughout the country. Young people get the chance to learn a trade, while knowledge of traditional crafts techniques—many of them centuries old—is preserved and passed down. It’s a win-win situation.”
Photo © Wonderable

After working as a designer for a number of clients, in 2009 Carla Peters made her dream a reality. Wonderable allows her to combine her knowledge of original, exotic crafts techniques with her ideas about design and décor. “Based in the Netherlands, we place our design talent and marketing expertise at the service of traditional craftspeople from faraway lands. In this way we contribute to the creation of skilled jobs and prosperity for people in these countries. I love working with others to make beautiful products in a beautiful way. Ideally, everyone who’s involved in my designs should benefit. When I’m able to make that happen, I’m thrilled.”
Wonderable sources from small-scale, independent producers in faraway lands that operate under the guidelines of Fair Trade.

Design by Carla Peters | Wonderable


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