Chalkboard LED lampshade by Wes bennett

Chalkboard LED lampshade by Wes bennett – upcycleDZINE
Ever wanted to have a lampshade that looks great, is fun for kids and adults and best of all, is a chalkboard? Well take a look at the ‘Chalkboard LED lamp’. A fantastic solution by Wes bennett to upcycle an old plastic planter pot and turn it into chalkboard.
Wes Bennett, the one who makes those great Locker Benches, took a planter pot and made a variety of random holes in the pot to let the light out and to give it a playful character. The outside was painted with chalboard paint and the inside got reflective silver paint to maximize the produced light. The lightbulb that was used is a 4-watt LED bulb.
Chalkboard LED lampshade by Wes bennett – upcycleDZINE
Photo © Wes Bennett

Like I said, the best part is that the lamp can also function as a message board, chalkboard. Now you and/or your kids can doodle on it with chalk to write fun things, messages or just little drawings. This creative chalkboard lampshade is perfect for a playroom or above the kitchen table.

Design by Wes Bennett



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