Cheap Ass Elites by Saran Yen Panya

Cheap Ass Elites by Saran Yen Panya – upcycleDZINE
There’s always talk about what design is or if it’s only existing for the elite in this world. Because you should ‘understand’ design and know a lot about design. Personally I don’t care about whether or not your into design. It’s just all about liking it, just like art. And the thing with design is, it’s all around us. Almost everything is designed. You don’t need to understand it as long as you appreciate it.
If there’s something to be understood about design, and you do, than that’s just a sort of bonus. Design is for everybody, rich or poor, educated or non educated. Well that being said, here comes Bangkok-born designer Saran Yen Panya with her latest series, a sarcastic look at combining your everyday mass-produced, and often plastic, objects with high-end elements in a project called ‘Cheap Ass Elites‘: “This project is an illustration of a world where there’s no rich ass or poor ass. An ass is an ass.”
Cheap Ass Elites by Saran Yen Panya – upcycleDZINE
On upcycleDZINE I’ve shown several chairs and most of them are using special materials. But making chairs out of cheap materials or items is something else. Cheap Ass Elites shows a mix of classic furniture parts and cheap plastic objects: “The chairs are comprised of ‘low’ common household plastic objects – storage and laundry baskets – 
as the seating (back, base and arms), the lower part of the chair a simplified version of those stereotypical upper class chairs 
made out of wood.”

Design by Saran Yen Panya


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