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We all know the cooking whisk, but what if you would turn it into a lamp? Meet the ‘Chef de Cuisine‘, a very stunning, simple and bright idea by Anja Baumgärtel | Findelkind. A German based design studio specialized in looking for possibilities in re-purposed, lost-found, and exceptional materials, textures, shapes.
With the Chef de Cuisine Anja Baumgärtel took off the ends of re-claimed kitchen whisks and inserted a bulb, wired it up and there you are! It’s almost a DIY. Because it’s so simple does not mean that the idea isn’t that great. No way, I think it’s brilliant. The simpler the better.

Findelkind ChefdeCuisine – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Findelkind

Chef de Cuisine lamp turns a room into one big kitchen

For lots of people the kitchen is the place to be. Often when there’s a party, the kitchen is filled with people drinking, eating, talking and having a good time. Maybe that’s why it’s zo nice that you can spread that atmosphere to for instance the living room. Just giving that room a feeling like you have in the kitchen.
Findelkind: “The everyday work of the Chef de Cuisine can illuminate everything from above. Whether watching over pots, giving the dinner table the right light or from an unusual perspective illuminating the events from the ground, it determines the place of use!”

Design by Findelkind



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