Chicken Feeder Light by Southern Restoration

Chicken Feeder Light by Southern Restoration – upcycleDZINE
This next design looks so simple, but that’s just it. You have to come up with the idea. And that is what Tom Richards | Southern Restoration did with this lamp, the Chicken feeder Light. The Industrial Copper Hanging Light is a one of a kind copper dipped hanging light! “This light is unique from our other hanging lights with adding a copper coating. In the Chrome process items are plated in copper then nickel then chrome. So I work with a shop that will do just the first step which once plated immediately has the old copper marbling effect. With a smooth finish of copper that looks 20 years old these lights make a tremendous statement.”

Chicken Feeder Light by Southern Restoration – upcycleDZINE
Photo © Southern Restoration

The Process: “I take these chicken feeders and soak them in Muriatic acid to throughly clean away all of the germs, rust and galvanized coating. I let it air dry and the rust process starts all over again. Once it reaches my desired patina I spray it in satin clear varnish to freeze the look I am after. I then wire the feeder for the light socket and WaLa its the best hanging light on top of having a new life and new story with it.”
And there you go, how an old rusty chicken feeder turned into a nice upcycle lighting design.

Design by Southern Restoration



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