Coffee Can spotlight by Spacebarn

Coffee Can spotlight by Spacebarn – upcycleDZINE
Something that always stands out in a room is a tripod. Doesn’t matter what you attach to it. Another upcycle design here on upcycleDZINE that made use of a tripod was the ‘REWASHLAMP‘ by Tó Martins. This time it’s the ‘Edwards Coffee Can spotlight‘ by Nick Valcourt | Spacebarn.
This is the 11th in a series of tripod lamps custom built and designed by Spacebarn. This lamp features a brown, red and mustard Edwards Coffee can mounted on a three-tier bronze and silver tripod, complete with an easy-twist switch and a 8 ft brown cable.

Tripod combined with coffee can results in stylish design

One of the things I like about a tripod lamp is the way you can adjust height, direction, and in this case, pitch of the light as you would with a camera. That’s why it’s such a fantastic and stylish addition in a room.
Coffee Can spotlight by Spacebarn – upcycleDZINE
Photo © Spacebarn

“Each one of these pieces is a completely unique, one-of-a-kind lamp that originates from hours spent scouring antique & thrift stores looking for the perfect parts. SpaceBarn is about creating works in a responsible and sustainable way. Spacebarn uses unconventional means to achieve unconventional ends.”
Almost every part of the Edwards Coffee can spotlight is a re-used object. The coffee can, tripod and cable are re-used. The only thing that’s new is the light switch socket.

Design by Spacebarn



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