COLA 10 by Sarah Turner

COLA 10 by Sarah Turner – upcycleDZINE
Here’s a product by Sarah Turner, a very talented designer I had on my blog before with Ella. This time it’s “Cola 10“. A lamp that’s handmade from 10 waste plastic Coca Cola bottles! Sarah collects the bottles locally from cafes and households then, after a good clean, she sandblasts them to make them turn from transparent to white. She then hand cuts and sculpts them into beautiful shapes.
COLA 10 by Sarah Turner – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Sarah Turner

Cola 10 just looks like an incredible flower. You wouldn’t think it was made from plastic bottles. Sarah has found a clever way to put this lamp together. She attaches each bottle sculpture to a polypropylene base and secures them with their own bottle top. Cola 10 can be made as a ceiling, table or floor lamp. Never thought a plastic bottle could look this cool after cutting it!

Design by Sarah Turner


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