CycleHangers: upcycled BMX bike parts by Oliver Staiano – upcycleDZINE
Yes it’s bicycle time again. By this I mean that this post shows another example of using bicycle parts. Like I’ve written before, many bikes end up on landfill each day, resulting in a huge pile of bike parts. I’m happy to see that there are a lot of designers having great ideas on what to do with these parts. It can be by designing upcycled products or by building a bicycle from old parts.

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Coat hangers show love for BMX

This featured upcycle design is about upcycling these discarded bike parts into coat hangers. And as you can see, it’s done in a fantastic and stylish way, showing love for BMX. The design called ‘CycleHangers‘ is by Oliver Staiano, graduated at Nottingham Trent University. It’s a set of coat hangers made from discarded BMX bicycle parts like an unused bike’s wheel, handlebar and frame and is finished in quality wood. Spokes taken from the wheels are used as hooks.
A clever design that uses neither glue nor screws. And best of all, you can make it yourself.
Yes there’s a MIY [Make It Yourself] tutorial to be found at Co-oproduct.

CycleHangers: upcycled BMX bike parts by Oliver Staiano – upcycleDZINE
CycleHangers: upcycled BMX bike parts by Oliver Staiano – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Oliver Staiano

Co-oproduct was founded by product designers Jamie Billing and Tracy Cordingley. ‘Disappointed with mainstream Product Design practices which operate in secrecy in order to maximise profits for few’, Co-oproduct was created as a creative space where everyday people could openly share product design ideas, maximising knowledge for all.
“Today Co-oproduct is an online portal for the free-sharing of product design ideas focusing on Creative ReUse. The website was launched on 19th March 2012. The main aim of Co-oproduct is to develop and maintain an online portal which supports the open and free-sharing of desirable MIY products. At the very heart of Co-oproduct is the drive to find innovative methods of ReUsing existing packaging and waste materials, eliminating (as far as possible) the need for further processing and manufacture.”

Design by Oliver Staiano


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