Pepe Heykoop Chaos Chandelier – upcycleDZINE
In DDW part 3 I said it was the last part about my visit to the DDW 2014 [Dutch Design Week] in Eindhoven | The Netherlands. Well I was wrong because here’s part 4 showing another upcycle design piece that really impressed me. The creation is called ‘Chaos Chandelier‘ and is designed by Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop.

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Chaos can be very impressive

It isn’t the first time Pepe Heykoop is featured here on upcycleDZINE. In the beginning of 2014 I visited the IMM 2014 in Cologne | Germany and found only a few designers who upcycled objects and/or materials. And I was very glad to see Pepe was one of them. He caught my attention with leather covered vases, lamps and furniture and a foundation called ‘Tiny Miracles‘.  If you missed the article I wrote about that visit, you can find it here: Leather leftovers upcycled.
Pepe Heykoop Chaos Chandelier – upcycleDZINE
Photo © Annemarijne Bax

And now during my visit to the DDW 2014 I saw that he was part of Young designers & small studios @ Piet Hein Eek. So I had to see what he did come up with this time. Well I wasn’t disappointed. At the end of this exhibition room with several stands you could already see the Chaos Chandelier hanging. A very impressive eye-catcher that I just had to see up close. And when I was finally standing in front of and under the chandelier, it was even more stunning. The size, all these wooden pieces and the connections and total shape they made. This is one of those designs you just have to see in real life.
Pepe Heykoop Chaos Chandelier – upcycleDZINE
Pepe Heykoop Chaos Chandelier – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Gilbert de Rooij

“The Chaos Chandelier is composed of hardwood sticks which are leftovers from a local sawmill. These sticks are diverse in length, shape and color. Designed with the same randomness and roughness. Despite its chaotic look it is precisely structured and hidden hinges make the arms fold up for transport.”
Pepe Heykoop Chaos Chandelier – upcycleDZINE
Photo © Annemarijne Bax

Pepe founded his studio straight after his graduation from department ‘Living’ at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2008. He’s interested in the link between design and art. This comes with his natural tendency to recycle objects, like his Skin Collection where he uses leftover leather scraps. His unique pieces are mainly handmade and manufactured in his studio in Amsterdam. He’s always working on new low-tech techniques.
Looking forward to what’s up next.

Design by Pepe Heykoop

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