DIY: How to make your herb garden from upcycled everyday products

If you like to have more green in your house and if you’re looking for fresh herbs, well I’ve got a nice upcycle idea. A herb garden in your kitchen. But where can you buy that? Buy it, no, just make it yourself out of upcycled everyday products. Objects that would otherwise be thrown away, now get a whole new function with more value. In addition to being handy, an herb garden at home has another advantage, you bring nature into your house. A little more green is never wrong.

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DIY: How to make your herb garden from upcycled everyday products

Herb garden with a limited budget

This herb garden is an idea by Ama, a DIY upcycling creative and founder of Ohoh deco. She made this DIY as a contributor for Bob Vila, a website with great home advice. You might also know her from another featured creation she made, a Towel Hanger. When she realized that many people were searching for ideas to create beautiful home decor with a limited budget, she started her blog. A place where you can find ideas to create the decor you’re looking for. Ohoh deco shows how to make beautiful crafts and DIY for your home with very handy free tutorials. And all this from caring about our planet and the conviction to contaminate less.

DIY: How to make your herb garden from upcycled every day products, with these materials.

Don’t throw away stuff, use it

The design in this article is very simple, so almost anyone can create it. Moreover, you do not need much material. As mentioned, objects and materials that you would otherwise have thrown away can now be used for your own handmade herb garden for your kitchen or living room.
What you will need are a few plastic bottles, some wood, and some other small supplies. A list of tools and materials can be found in a very useful and well-written DIY tutorial. [link at the end of this post]

DIY: How to make your herb garden from upcycled every day products. The herb palnts that you can use.
Photos © Ohoh deco

An asset to any kitchen

What could be more fun than having fresh herbs that you can watch growing in your kitchen and then pick later for a delicious salad or another delicious dish? Not to mention that you can be proud of your handmade herb garden.
A herb garden of course sounds like something very big, but in reality, this design is nice and small and compact with the possibility to have 6 different herbs. You can of course also buy full-grown plants and repot them in your newly made upcycled plant pots. All in all, a very nice DIY project to make and enjoy. And an asset to any kitchen, large or small.

This fantastic herb garden is a great example of how to turn a house into a home without being expensive. Ama: “Being creative and working with DIY projects can save you a lot of money, plus you will have the satisfaction of making something unique and personal.”

Created by Ohoh deco | Bob Vila | Tutorial

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