DIY: Pallet Wood Clock by Becky Marshall – upcycleDZINE
Yes, it’s pallet-time again. Like I said last time, there’re so many great upcycle designs made out of pallet wood. So it must come as no surprise that upcycleDZINE is showing yet another pallet wood design. This time found at the fantastic website The previous post about upcycled pallet wood was the Kilter pendant by propellor. A minimalist lighting design. Well if you like minimalist design, than this clock might be your thing. And even better, it’s DIY, so there’s no stopping you to have a go at it yourself.

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A clock with many variations

When I saw this design for the first time, I knew right away I had to show it on upcycleDZINE. There have been other clocks on this blog, made out of machine parts, a vintage stove, a sanding disc and a whole collection out of vinyl. But there’s always room for more. The Pallet Wood Clock is a design by Becky Mashall, founder of blog Humboldt Art Dept.. The design is so pure, honest and so simple. One day she found a slat of pallet wood lying around and had an idea of turning it into a clock. Becky: “My brother used to make clocks out of old computer boards so it seems now clocks are running in the family.”

DIY: Pallet Wood Clock by Becky Marshall – upcycleDZINE
Most important part you’ll need is a clock kit. “Clock kits can be found darn near anywhere online, or I should say, they’re super easy to find. The trick for me was finding one that would work through half inch thick material. They’re out there! Just make sure you purchase the right thread length for your clock face thickness, otherwise you’re hosed and you’ll always be late for stuff.”
The thing that I love about this clock, besides the use of pallet wood, is the brightly painted tips of the hour and minute hands and edges of the pallet wood piece.

DIY: Pallet Wood Clock by Becky Marshall – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Humboldt Art Dept.

Becky: “Rustic-y industrial yet modern and clean. The variations on this are mind-blowingly infinite with the colors, the way it hangs, the types of hands, the hand sizes, sealing the wood, or not, the shape, the size, painting on the face, no paint at all…what have you.”
If you’re excited to make this clock yourself, head on over to this great tutorial. This Pallet Wood Clock is definitely worth hanging on my wall!

Design by Becky Marshall | Humboldt Art Dept.


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  1. Gilbert, I am so flattered by your share of my pallet wood clock! I am blushing for miles. Thank you so very much for such a nice post! I will be sharing your post everywhere. Thanks again and drop by the blog anytime!


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