DIY: Reuse drawer to create a stunning Display Coffee Table

Do you like collecting special items? Do you have a special collection you want to display? And doing so without gathering dust? Well, this might be the DIY upcycling project you’re looking for. 

Show your collectibles

Maybe you have perfect scale replicas of modern cars and you want to show them? Or mesmerizing stones? No matter what, this Display Coffee Table is an amazing way to show your collectibles. This DIY project is a creation by Judy Rom, co-founder of Upcycle That. Another fantastic website with really great upcycling ideas and inspiration. Just like upcycleDZINE 🙂 

Drawer reused to create a stunning upcycle Display Coffee Table

Upcycle an old dresser drawer

Three essentials you’ll need for this DIY project are an old dresser drawer with insert drawers that pull out, a piece of glass cut to fit and 4 steel hairpin legs. For a complete list of things needed to create your own upcycle display coffee table, please head on over to a great tutorial at Gumtree by Upcycle That. Gumtree is the number one classifieds site in the UK.

Hair pin legs used to create upcycle Display Coffee Table

Judy Rom:

My favourite thing about upcycling is how universal it is. No matter where you live, or how much money you have, anyone can be an upcycler.

The inside of the drawer is lined with blue velvet. This material is very well suited for displaying a collection. But you could use any kind of material you want. In the display coffee table, you see featured in this post, the collection consists of vintage stirring sticks. 

Display Coffee Table made by upcycling an old dresser drawer
Photos © Upcycle That

Still not sure if you can do this? Just try it and you will see that it is easier than you thought. The most difficult part is finding a nice and perfect dresser drawer.

Design and DIY by Upcycle That


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