DIY: Tyre Ottoman by Nikki – upcycleDZINE
If you’ve got an old tyre [tire] lying around and you’ve always been in search of an ottoman, than you’re in luck. I came across this fantastic idea by Nikki on her blog ‘That Was a What?‘.

Make your own awesome ottoman

She made an awesome and cool ottoman using an old discarded tyre and some rope. Due to overwhelming interest, Nikki has turned her ottomans into a business at Home Attire. She also has an ebook tutorial that you can download at Lulu.

DIY: Tyre Ottoman by Nikki – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Luis Gomes | Minha Casa

But I did also come across a DIY project on Minha Casa with pictures that give you a very good idea of what to do.

Design by Nikki | That Was a What? | Tutorial



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