DIY: Wooden Clothes Hangers Rack by Courtney Schutz – upcycleDZINE
When I search for upcycle design I always come across the most beautiful and inventive upcycle pieces. Some beautifully pieced together and other real design or pure art. And sometimes I stumble upon very inspiring DIY upcycle designs.
After seeing a great Do It Yourself project I always have the urge to find stuff to try it myself. It’s always so rewarding when you create things yourself. And that’s why I like DIYs. And that’s why I hope to inspire you with this DIY.

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More than just clothes hangers

Today the post is about a DIY on what to do with wooden clothes hangers. They are around for quite some time. In a way, they’re sort of vintage with their distinctive form. And maybe that’s why designers are triggered to upcycle them. Here are just two fantastic examples: Hangers Table by Federica Sala and Oh Man, it‘s a Ray! by Ingo Maurer.

DIY: Wooden Clothes Hangers Rack by Courtney Schutz – upcycleDZINE
The coat rack DIY I’m showing you today is not only about a coat rack but more a coat, hat, purse rack. This Wooden Clothes Hangers Rack is created by Courtney Schutz, founder of the blog A Little Glass Box. This upcycle design piece is a result of a Pinterest challenge by Young House Love that she participated in. This challenge is about motivating Pinners to stop-pinning-and-start-doing.

DIY: Wooden Clothes Hangers Rack by Courtney Schutz – upcycleDZINE
Courtney was first inspired by a photo on Pinterest that showed some wooden clothes hangers needly hanging in a row. They had text stenciled onto them. To her, these hangers are like “little buddies to your clothes” and “wooden goodness”.
Since she does not have an entryway closet, she decided to make coat, hat and purse hooks by upcycling wooden hangers.
The only objects she used were a reclaimed board, wooden hangers, some screws, and a drill.
First, the hangers were cut so they could be attached to a reclaimed board. Before doing that Courtney wrote some friendly text on them. Then the spacing of the hangers was determined on the back of the rack. This is done so you don’t have to wonder where to drill. After the holes were drilled the hangers were screwed onto the board from the back. The only thing left to do is take a drill and some brews to attach the rack to the wall. Simple does it!

DIY: Wooden Clothes Hangers Rack by Courtney Schutz – upcycleDZINE
There’s a nice ‘feature’ to this rack. Namely, the hanger hooks are adjustable in any direction you like.

Design by Courtney Schutz | A Little Glass Box

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