DRUH: Bakelite camera lamp by Refresz Dizajn

Maybe because it’s ‘wacky’ wednesday, or just because I think it’s a fun design. This upcycle design lamp is another one in a series of designs that makes use of a vintage camera. Just take a look at an unique desk lamp by YStudio and a great Chandelier by Retro Bender.
Well, here’s another one, a lamp called ‘DRUH‘ by Refresz Dizajn, founded by Maciek Pawelski, based in Warsaw | Poland.

Focus on vintage Polish bakelite camera

This lamp is made on the base of bakelite camera DRUH SYNCHRO from the 1950′s (Polish make) and designed in the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The camera is mounted on two-segmental tripod. The head of the tripod can rotate in few positions. The Cream lamp shade is washable. Druh is a great way to focus on a forgotten piece of Polish craftsmanship.

Photos © RefreszDizajn

Refresz Dizajn: “It’s all about fun and creativity. Anything can serve as good material for artistic upcycling, from a retro stand bonnet hairdryer to old-school slides. A real treat for those with passion for things less than ordinary.” That’s why you’ll find upcycle design by Refresz Dizajn made from discarded products like hairdryer, telephone, vinyl records, LEGO bricks or in this case a vintage camera.
DRUH to me is almost a sort of small being. Maybe because of the camera lens that looks a bit like an eye and the lampshade functions as a hat or umbrella. The tripod symbolizes, of course, some sort of legs. And looking at the photo with three lamps, it’s just as if they are friends.
All in all a fun and very friendly looking design.

Design by Refresz Dizajn




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