Earl R. Dean: coke bottle lamp by BAUU – upcycleDZINE
Sometimes a design piece is so well known that it doesn’t matter what circumstance or situation, you’ll recognize it right away. I think it’s save to assume that that’s the case with the coke bottle. The iconic shape, originally designed by Earl R. Dean, is not only aesthetically attractive, but the properties of the aluminium bottles make them re-usable in numerous ways. And that’s one of the reasons why BAUU Light Design, designed this playful upcycle desk lamp named ‘Earl R. Dean‘.
Earl R. Dean: coke bottle lamp by BAUU – upcycleDZINE
Engineering and Philosophy graduate from Rotterdam Charwin Zargari, founder of BAUU, draws inspiration from objects and materials we encounter in our daily life. Just look at this design desk lamp. He took the famous Anglepoise lamp by British designer George Carwardine, designed in 1932, and combined it with an aluminium coke bottle.

The use of a coke bottle is a pleasant surprise

It may look like a simple design, but maybe because of that it has the power to show a familiar object in a whole new setting and purpose. That’s what BAUU Light Design tries to do. “A BAUU lamp is more than just a lamp. It’s a pleasant surprise that’s meant to excite and invite.”
Earl R. Dean: coke bottle lamp by BAUU – upcycleDZINE
Photo © BAUU

This desk light has a warm LED spotlight that uses only 3 Watts and lasts for 20 years (on average use). It comes with a solid concrete base.
Nice touch is that BAUU gives you the possibility to co-design your Earl R. Dean by picking your favourite colours for separate parts. This way you can have a unique designer desk light!

Design by BAUU Light Design


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