Elegant and durable fashion made from inner tubes by Innervy – upcycleDZINE
When I surf the internet searching for upcycle design I like, I see so many fantastic things. It can be the shape, size, object or material that fascinates me. Some materials or objects are very popular. Others are unique. But it really doesn’t matter if an object or material is unique. It’s important what the designer did with it creating upcycle design.
And that’s also the case with today’s fashion upcycle design and designer. The object used for the designs is an inner tube and the design is by Innervy, founded by Hana Tesar based in Valdagno | Italy.

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Sophisticated fashion made out of inner tubes

Regular visitors of upcycleDZINE may have noticed that inner tubes have been featured several times. Like the Bicycle Tube Lamp, Elastic Shelf or Stools. And there are several designers who make mobile phone/tablet sleeves and bags out of inner tubes. Great thing is, that they all have their own style.
And so do the designs by Innervy. I think they really are different because they are so elegant and sophisticated. Both shape and inside of the designs are well thought out. Just look at the bags and  clutches. She even has earrings made out of inner tubes.
Elegant and durable fashion made from inner tubes by Innervy – upcycleDZINE
Elegant and durable fashion made from inner tubes by Innervy – upcycleDZINE
Elegant and durable fashion made from inner tubes by Innervy – upcycleDZINE
Elegant and durable fashion made from inner tubes by Innervy – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Innervy

Hana Tesar: “One day I cleaned the garage and I found a broken inner tube and I didn’t know where to threw it away. I always took recycling seriously especially now with the amount of rubbish we produce, it is alarming. So as a responsible resident I did some research on-line where I can threw away the inner tube and “HELLO here I come”, I found out what people do with it. I was amazed. That day everything changed for me. I hand stitched few sleeves for our phones from my first inner tube.”
She now lives near the Dolomites and lots of people cycle there, so she collects tubes from a local bike shop. After buying an industrial sewing machine she started working on her own products full time. “The first popular design was the Tabacchini, a tobacco pouch, became very popular between tobacco lovers and with growing interest Innervy developed her face. Recycling makes me feel like a better citizen on this beautiful planet.”
Hana Tesar shows with her brand Innervy what incredible objects inner tubes are and what stunning designs can be made. Steadily growing to show the fashion world what upcycling is about.

Design by Innervy | Facebook

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  1. Thank You so much Gilbert 🙂 I am honored

    I saw two huge plastic Barrels in the wood ystrd – 450 years they will be there if someone won’t pick them up – and It’s gonna be me 🙂 I have to find purpose for it – I guess I make storage seat out of it 🙂
    I think you might love to get hands on such a big barrel, the same like me to get tractor tube 🙂

    Talk you later and thank you for sharing.


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