ELLA by Sarah Turner

ELLA by Sarah Turner – upcycleDZINE
There are a lot of upcycle lamps made of bottles. Most of them are great looking and made of glass. You don’t see that many plastic nice looking upcycle lamps. So I was immediately fascinated when I saw this plastic lamp with the name ‘Ella‘.

ELLA by Sarah Turner – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Sarah Turner

The lamp is designed by Sarah Turner and is made form 310 plastic drink bottles. All these bottles were collected from homes and local coffee shops. After the bottles are cleaned thoroughly, they are sandblasted to make them turn white. This big Ella lamp is over one metre wide and pieced together by hand gradually building the impressive round shape. It’s great to see how the surface and structure at the inside and outside differ from one another. Why the name Ella? Well because the lamp was initially nicknamed ‘Ella’ when it was being made as it resembled an umbrella!

Design by Sarah Turner



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