Fantassima by Anka Büchler – upcycleDZINE
When you visit a flea market you see all sorts of great stuff. Old and very old. You always see nice vintage China plates, teapots, sugar bowls and crystal glass and a nice thing about these objects is that they work great as decorative lamps. ‘Fantassima‘, as the lamps are called, are designed and made by Anka Büchler. She’s a freelance graphic designer for typography, illustration, editorial design and information design and she’s a passionate collector.

The conversion of vintage China is not just out of nostalgic vein, but rather because a very current aspect: ‘the recycling and reuse of consumer products in our fast-paced society.’ She asked herself how you could use seemingly worthless materials to become sustainable?

Fantassima by Anka Büchler – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Anka Büchler

Ankas creative answer is not only resource-friendly, but decorative at the same time. The designer also works with favorite pieces that one has inherited and are made into a unique lamp at the request of the customer. In the future Anka is to equip small cafes or bars with her lamps and intends to expand the range of products with floor lamps and bed lamps.

Design by Anka Büchler



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