FATCATE: upcycled slides floor lamp by Refresz Dizajn – upcycleDZINE
When you’re a regular visitor of upcycleDZINE you know by now that upcycle design is all about giving waste, discarded objects and/or materials and vintage objects a second life. It gets a new function when it’s transformed into design. I’m someone who likes vintage and so it comes as no surprise that I like lamps that use those old camera’s. There are a few nice examples on this blog, for instance a unique desk lamp by YStudio and a bakelite camera lamp by Refresz Dizajn.
And this last company created another lamp using photography as a concept.

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A lamp lets slides shine again

This time no camera, but slides and frames. The design is called ‘FatCate‘ and is designed by Refresz Dizajn, founded by Maciek Pawelski, based in Warsaw | Poland.
Slides remind me of my childhood when I helped my father a few times a year to set up the projector and screen. My family and sometimes friends used to sit down and enjoy those beautiful big images of a holiday or a journey we made, projected on this pristine white/silver screen.

FATCATE: upcycled slides floor lamp by Refresz Dizajn – upcycleDZINE
My parents lived from 1956 for a period of 8 years in Africa [Nigeria and Ghana] and I still have vivid memories of the slides [and also films] from that period. Once in a while I grab my projector and watch those old slides or the ones I took myself later on in my life. It’s a trip down memory lane and with so much more emotion than looking at photos on and iPad, computer or television. Nothing can compare to watching slides in a darkened room, large images and the sound of the projector. Sorry, got carried away there. But the thing is that children in this digital age, hardly know what looking at slides is like or what they are used for.

FATCATE: upcycled slides floor lamp by Refresz Dizajn – upcycleDZINE
Back to the upcycle design lamp in this post, FatCate. The floor lamp consists of an old tripod with a lampshade on top. The tripod is 4-segmental and made in Germany in the 1960s. The lampshade uses 200 slides and the old frames are made by FOTON, a Polish factory from the 1980s. If you look at the picture of FatCate with the light on, you can see the amazing shadow/light that is thrown on the walls.

FATCATE: upcycled slides floor lamp by Refresz Dizajn – upcycleDZINE

“It’s all about fun and creativity. Anything can serve as good material for artistic upcycling, from a retro stand bonnet hairdryer to old-school slides. A real treat for those with passion for things less than ordinary.”

That’s why you’ll find upcycle design by RefreszDizajn made from discarded products like hairdryertelephonevinyl recordsLEGO bricks or in this case a vintage slides floor lamp.

FATCATE: upcycled slides floor lamp by Refresz Dizajn – upcycleDZINE
Photos © fantasmatic.pl

With FatCate Maciek Pawelski shows again how fun and design can and maybe should go together. I totally agree when he says that “It’s all about fun and creativity”.
One last thing. There are several designers using this concept of upcycling slides into a lampshade. But for me this one is the best one I’ve seen so far. And if there are better ones, please let me know.

Design by Refresz Dizajn | Facebook


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