Film Canister End Table by Justin Neuhardt – upcycleDZINE
Some people do have many qualities. For instance actors who are also great painters or musicians who can also act. And here’s Justin Neuhardt who is an innovative, eclectic percussionist for 20 years. Justin toured and recorded with his band, Hackensaw Boys (Nettwerk Records) for 10 years. And besides that he’s a visual artist and a furniture designer who, amongst other furniture, designed and made this ‘Film Canister End Table‘ with acrylic top.

Repurposed material: film canister

Justin’s handcrafted furniture is designed and constructed for clients who desire true originality and absolute quality made with repurposed materials. Working primarily with reclaimed wood and steel, Justin’s creations retain the weathered appearance that belies the previous lives of his materials. While scouring backyards, junkyards, alleys and underpasses, Justin’s trained eye allows him to cull the most interesting and durable materials from the urban rubble.
In Justin’s capable hands, cast-off items such as wood pallets, fence planks, metal bed frames and rusted steel are transformed into works of enduring beauty and integrity.
Film Canister End Table by Justin Neuhardt – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Justin Neuhardt

Just look at this Film Canister End Table, it shows a great steel table frame with a stunning top that uses the legendary Eastman Kodak Company film canister. The top is finished with an acrylic and clear coat.
This table’s a true tribute to vintage industrial design, done in a whole new way.

Design by Justin Neuhardt


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