Fire Braid: woven fire hose stool by ideenklette – upcycleDZINE
If you are looking for a very sturdy object and difficult to recycle, then a fire hose may be your thing. It’s a great object for upcycling and that’s why several upcycle designers use fire hoses in beautiful upcycle design pieces. Two design companies that have been featured on upcycleDZINE some time ago are Oxgut Hose Co. and Elvis & Kresse, who use colourful and dark red fire hoses.

Rethinking a new life for fire hose

Today’s featured upcycle design furniture piece is another fantastic edition to the other upcycled fire hoses. It’s a stool called Fire Braid [Feuergeflecht in German]. The design is by Ideenklette, founded by Micha Fohl and based in Kodersdorf | Germany. Another upcycle design by Micha is Lampshade Stand, which is made out of old lampshades.
Micha started Ideenklette to have the opportunity to present his current projects [Fb].
Fire Braid: woven fire hose stool by ideenklette – upcycleDZINE
Fire Braid is an attractive, simple and fun piece of upcycle design. And it shows again how useful upcyling can be.
It all started when Micha came across an aluminum stool without a seat. He didn’t have a sparkling idea for the seat at that moment, so he set the stool aside. Some time later he found a fire hose and immediately had an idea that this would work well as a seat. All in all after fifteen minutes everything was done and Fire Braid was born.
Fire Braid: woven fire hose stool by ideenklette – upcycleDZINE
Micha Fohl:

“I play with the notion of values. Everyone – and thus consumer – has a different understanding of value. However, when garbage becomes something new again, this structure gets mixed up. Rethinking is required. If a discarded table becomes a real eye-catcher and is disproportionately more valuable, I have reached my goal.”

Not sure about your thoughts on this creation, but I’m again very impressed to see what can be done with a tough object like a fire hose. And I really like the fact that the coupling is still a distinct part of the design. A fire hose is one of my favourite upcycled objects and I’m always glad to find a different design. It’s a great example of ‘the simpler, the better’.

Design by Ideenklette | Facebook


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